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Washing machine Repair Information

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Appliance Assistant Is Here To Fix Your Washing Machine!


The unfortunate truth is that modern washing machines won't last 25 to 30 years like your grandma's old Maytag. The good news is many washer problems seem far worse than they actually are. Even expensive washing machine control board and timer problems have become more affordable to fix in recent years.

Off balance washing machines, slow filling washers, and strange washer noises can often be correctly diagnosed over the phone. The call is free and I'm glad to help!

Washing machines have come a long way since the trusty washboard. And while a washboard is about the most reliable form of washing machine you can own (apart from your arm, a rock, and a bar of soap.) The reality is that most people don't have time for that kind of thing anymore. Most washing machines are fairly simple machines... even the fancy front loading ones that make doing laundry sound fun. If you are having trouble with your washing machine we can help in two shelbyville kentucky washer repair serviceways...

Repair Options:

1. Mobile Washing Machine Repair Service!
If you live in Shelby County Kentucky and don't feel like taking a crash course in washing machine repair, Appliance Assistant would be happy to come to your home at a time that is convenient for you and fix your washer.

2. Be The Hero Of Your Home!
If you just need a little help fixing a washing machine yourself, I would be glad to help diagnose the problem and have the parts you need sent to your home to get the job done!
Phone: (502) 437-0494

Washing Machine Repair Service Rates:

(No surprises just great service!)

50.00 Washer Repair Service Call

  1. All washing machine repair calls include the first charge and a return trip if repair parts need to be ordered.
  2. Washing machine service calls also include as much time as is required to properly diagnose the washer's problem, research repair part pricing and availability, and discuss your washing machine repair options.


50.00 Appliance Repair Labor Rate

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  1. After identifying the washing machine's major malfunction, researching the price and availability of any repair parts that may be needed, and discussing your options we will repair your washing machine for one low flat labor rate.
  2. All washing machine repairs are guaranteed for 90 days. All repair parts used are guaranteed for one year!

Trustworthy Washing Machine Repair Parts!


Reliable washer repair parts and preventative information are important for a trustworthy washing machine repair. Nothing is worse that fixing the same washer problem more that once!

Only FSP factory authorized washing machine repair parts used for in-home repair!