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shelbyville refrigerator repair service

Refrigerator Repair Information

Appliance Assistant Is Here To Fix Your Refrigerator!


A refrigerator doesn't actually create cold. It removes heat. You may wonder where the "cold" came from... or perhaps where it went if your looking for a refrigerator repair service. Here is a little more physics. As the refrigerant pushed through a sealed system of tubing by the refrigerator's compressor it moves from a very thin capillary tube into the larger tubing of the evaporator. As this happens the pressure of the refrigerant is greatly reduced causing it to boil at a lower temperature and change into a gas. This greatly increases its ability to absorb the warm air within the freezer compartment. If all of this refrigerator talk sounds interesting Click Here!
If you don't really care how it works and are more concerned with why it's not working... we can help!

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Repair Options:

1. Mobile Refrigerator Repair Service!
If you live in Shelby County Kentucky and don't feel like taking a crash course in refrigerator repair, with the smell of spoiled milk in your nostrils... we would be happy to come to your home at a time that is convenient for you and fix your refrigerator!

2. Be The Hero Of Your Home!
If you just need a little help fixing a refrigerator yourself, we would be glad to help diagnose the problem and have the parts you need sent to your home to get the job done!
Phone: (502) 437-0494
Refrigerator Repair Videos
Troubleshooting Common Refrigerator Problems

(Note) If you give up on the do-it-yourself refrigerator repair attempt and would like us to fix the refrigerator for you... please have all of the refrigerator's parts and screws available at the time of service.
There may be additional charges for extreme refrigerator reconstruction.
(Whatever you do, do not attempt to defrost a freezer with an ice-pick or screwdriver!)

Refrigerator Repair Service Rates:

(No surprises just great service!)

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50.00 Refrigerator Repair Service Call

  1. All refrigerator repair calls include the first service trip and a return trip if repair parts need to be ordered.
  2. Refrigerator service calls also include as much time as is required to properly diagnose the refrigerator's problem, research repair part pricing and availability, and discuss your repair options.

Some other appliance repair companies want over 129.95 just to come out and look at your refrigerator problem whether you have it fixed or not!

50.00Flat Labor Rateshelbyville appliance repair credit cards

  1. After identifying the refrigerator's problem, researching the price and availability of any repair parts that may be needed, and discussing your options we will repair your refrigerator for one low flat labor rate.
  2. Many refrigerator problems can be fixed with no additional parts!
  3. All refrigerator repairs are guaranteed for 90 days.
    (Labor warranty does not cover lost food.)
  4. All repair parts used are guaranteed for one year!
  5. Flat labor rate does not cover repairs to the compressor or sealed system.
    Shelbyville Kentucky Refrigerator Repair (If that makes no sense to you call us and we'll explain it in plain English.)

Sealed System Repair

A refrigerator's sealed system is a network of sealed tubing, including the refrigerator's compressor that moves refrigerant, in liquid and gas form creating the desired cooling effect. In most cases replacing or repairing components related to a refrigerator's sealed system is not cost effective or advisable. If your refrigerator or freezer is not cooling it does not necessarily mean that you are having a problem with the sealed system. Please call if you have any questions!