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Clothes Dryer Repair Information

Appliance Assistant is here to help fix your Gas or Electric Dryer!

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A dryer works by tumbling your clothing in a large drum equipped with baffle fins that cause gaps to form between fabrics allowing more air to pass between the articles of clothing. As darkness is the absence of light and cold is the absence of heat, so dry is the absence of moisture. The dryer's motor tumbles the clothing inside the drum, a blower forces air of varying temperatures through the drum to encourage the water within the fabric to evaporate into a vapor it can then be carried out of the dryer through the dryer's ducting.

The length of time the dryer runs and the air temperature are controlled by the timer and several thermostats inside the dryer. This may sound slightly more complicated than a wire pulled tight in the back yard but it's actually a fairly simple mechanical system.

Most dryer parts and repairs are inexpensive. Because dryers last about twice as long as washing machines, dryer repair vs. replacement is usually a good idea even if the dryer is not heating enough, flashing an error code, or making a horrible noise.

Repair Options:

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1. Mobile Dryer Repair Service!
If you have more than enough on your plate to deal with already we would be happy to come to your home at a time that is convenient for you and fix your dryer!

2. Be The Hero Of Your Home!
If you just need a little help troubleshooting or repairing a dryer yourself I would be glad to help you diagnose the problem and have the parts you need sent to your home to get it done!
Phone: (502) 437-0494
Dryer Repair Videos
Common Dryer Sounds

(Note) If you give up on the do-it-yourself dryer repair attempt and would like us to fix the dryer for you... please have all of the dryer's parts and screws available at the time of service!
There may be additional charges for extreme dryer reconstruction. (learning isn't always easy!)

Dryer Repair Service Rates:

(No surprises just great service!)

50.00Dryer Repair Service Call

  1. Dryer repair service calls include the first trip charge and a return trip if repair parts need to be ordered.
  2. Dryer repair service calls also include as much time as is required to properly diagnose the dryer's problem, research part pricing and availability, and discus your dryer repair options.
  3. 85% of all dryer repairs can be completed on the first visit.


50Flat Labor Rateshelbyville appliance repair credit cards

  1. After identifying your dryer's major malfunction, researching the price and availability of any repair parts that may be needed, and discussing your options, Appliance Assistant will repair your dryer for one low flat labor rate.
  2. All clothes dryer repairs are guaranteed for 90 days. All dryer repair parts used are guaranteed for one full year!

Trustworthy Dryer Repair Parts!

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Reliable dryer repair parts and preventative information are important for trustworthy clothes dryer service. Nothing is worse that fixing the same dryer problem more that once!

Only FSP factory authorized dryer repair parts used for in-home repair!