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Taking a break from local appliance repair work in Shelbyville Kentucky...

shelbyville kentucky range repair service

My goal is to provide the best Do-It-Yourself Appliance troubleshooting and repair help on the internet!

I also want to provide the best appliance repair service possible to the Shelbyville Kentucky area! Unfortunately, because I am only one person, I need to take some time to focus on the internet side of the business in order to remain competitive and provide more of the technical troubleshooting and repair help needed by people throughout the country. There is already a lot of great repair guides, manuals and repair videos on with more all the time… so I encourage you to take a look and see if you can find answers to your questions there.

Warranty on Repairs Preformed by Appliance Assistant (Shelbyville) and Repair Parts Warranty Issues

During this development time I will still be taking care of any problems or questions regarding any service or repair work that I have preformed in the past! I will also be available for any warranty questions regarding parts that I have sold or installed!
If you have any problems with an appliance that I have repaired in the last 60 days or you have a problem with a part that was purchased through Appliance Assistant, the last year please leave me a message at (502) 437-0494 and I will contact you about setting up a time to resolve any issues.

I understand that DIY appliance repair is not for everyone!

You may not have the time, or may be physically unable to do that kind of work. Below I have compiled a list of other Appliance repair service providers in the Shelbyville, Frankfort, Lagrange, and Louisville Kentucky area that may be able to help while I am unavailable.

I do not formally recommend or endorse any one particular company….

Thank You For Your Business!

I realize that this is out of the ordinary… And I can't express clearly enough how blessed I am to get to live and serve in such a wonderful town!

As I produce more help guides and appliance help content I will post links on the Facebook page. So if You are curious what I've been up to…
Thank you for your understanding!